Level 2 Certificate for Domestic Electrical Installers
Qualification Code:
This EAL qualification has been designed for those candidates who:
Wish to establish and have certificated their competences required to carry out
electrical installation work in dwellings.
Wish to prove their competence and apply for registration as a ‘qualified supervisor’
with a Competent Persons Scheme for domestic electrical installations.

Although a candidate does not need to have formal prior knowledge in the form of recognised qualifications, a candidate for this VRQ should have some knowledge and practice of electrical installation in dwellings and, as an absolute minimum, competence in component /unit exchange.
It should be recognised that candidates without this minimum knowledge and practice are unlikely to be able to complete the course in the notional learning hours allocated to it as they will require more detailed input.

Objectives of the Qualification
This qualification was developed under the guidance of industry, colleges and training
associations with a number of objectives in mind, namely to:
Give the candidate an understanding of the skills and competencies required by
someone carrying out electrical installation work in dwellings.
Provide the domestic electrical installation industry with a pool of staff with a national
recognised qualification, which covers the Building Regulation requirements.
Provide a qualification, which will allow candidates to apply for registration a ‘qualified
supervisor’ with a Competent Persons Scheme.
Provide a popular qualification for candidates to establish the competences required to carry out electrical installation work in dwellings.
The objective of the Qualification is to impart the necessary understanding and competence related to the installation of standard circuit arrangements in domestic installations.
This includes an understanding of the implications of legislation to this activity and the
requirements for testing and certification of new installation work in dwellings.
On successful completion of the qualification the candidate will have achieved recognised competences to undertake the installation of standard circuits and certificate and verify that they meet the requirements of BS 7671 as detailed in the On Site Guide.
The design and installation of non-standard circuits are not included in this qualification
and no competence to complete these activities is to be implied.
The level of training provided in this qualification is to reference the requirements for health and safety, the installation, inspection and testing of new work and the certification required for electrical installations in dwellings. The underlying design and background.