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          NVQ  L3   December 2013

This is the Old Stlye NVQ L3 for Qualification of Electrical Industry
Level 3 Electrotechnical Services
3.1 Candidates
There are no age limits for the candidate other than those imposed by statutory regulations or legal
requirements for particular activities, processes or environment.
Aids or appliances, that are designed to alleviate disability, may be used during assessment providing
they do not compromise the requirements.
Consideration should be given to any basic skills, knowledge and understanding that the candidates
may bring with them, giving them appropriate credit within the activity. This may be in the form of
certificates, other SVQs or NVQs, VRQs, programmes or other competence achievements.

level 3
In general, candidates for this qualification will be responsible for the day-to-day installation and
inspection of structure cabling systems and installation of electrical systems into buildings and
structures and the quality of the work they produce, but may have responsibilities for dealing with
customers, monitoring and controlling the equipment, resources, with some authority to exercise
judgements and make decisions about factors which affect the installation process.
Demonstration of safe working practices and procedures are required at all times.
Candidates at both levels will have gained an appropriate level of skill ability and acquired sound
knowledge and understanding of the relevant techniques, materials, tools and equipment used in order
to enable them to carry out the activities, solve related problems, correct any faults within the limits of
their authority and ensure the work output meets the required specification standard.
Pathway SEB: Electrical Installation (Buildings and Structures)
Mandatory assessment routes (all eight assessment routes must be completed)
SET3/001 􀁑 Ensure Safe Site Working
SET3/002 􀁑 Provide Technical and Functional Information to Relevant People
SET3/004 􀁑 Maintain a Healthy and Safe Working Environment
SET3/011 􀁑 Diagnose and Correct Faults in Electrotechnical Systems & Equipment
SET3/012 􀁑 Prepare to Install Electrical Wiring Systems, Wiring Enclosures
and Equipment
SET3/013 􀁑 Install Electrical Wiring Systems, Wiring Enclosures and Equipment
SET3/014 􀁑 Connect Wiring Systems and Equipment using Safe and Approved Methods
SET3/015 􀁑 Inspect, Test and Commission an Electrical Installation 

Last date of Certification 2015 

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